Associated Roofing Contractors of Oregon and SW Washington

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The Associated Roofing Contractors of Oregon and SW Washington

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon our membership includes not only roofing and sheet metal contractors from throughout the Pacific Northwest but also distributors, suppliers and manufacturers of roofing products and equipment.

Our members can attend monthly meetings where invited guest speakers educate them on numerous industry related topics, and discussion is held on current issues and changes affecting the roofing industry. We are also affiliated with Regional and National Roofing Associations who keep us updated on Regional and National trends and issues affecting our industry. All members receive monthly minutes of these meetings and discussions. This enables our membership to stay up to date on a wide range of topics that have an affect on our industry.

From cutting edge technology and new products, to code, licensing, insurance, and installation changes, our members are well informed on the latest requirements and can offer their customers more professional services because of the education and benefits they receive from their association membership.

To navigate this site simply click on the items listed on the left to find contractor members or industry associate members or the entire membership roster. You will also be able to link (where available) to our member's websites for more in depth information. Also, please visit our History page as well as our Mission Statement and Values page for further information on our association.

Thank you for visiting our website and thank you for considering an association member to service your roofing needs by supplying or installing a superior roofing system for your next project.

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